What I do – An Example

With Life Coaching: Let’s take an example.
Suppose you want to change your career, and you rely on a renowned coach who is specialized in creating and developing new career horizons, helps you write a high impact resume, gives you ideas and directions to go. You are already highly qualified, with an above average education, and by magic – or by virtue of your characteristics – you are hired.

Fantastic! Now all you have to do is keep your job, maintain solid relationships with your boss and colleagues, maintain a high level of your passion for the job that earns you enough to be able to afford the minimum and sometimes even beyond what is necessary. But, if your empathy skills are not sufficiently developed inside, your dream job will still be a nightmare. Are you able to seek for help when your are at work? A recent research showed that your colleagues are more happy to help you than you would expect. 

If you do not look inwardly and seek carefully, waking up every morning to go to work will get heavier and heavier, and eventually  you will desire to change job again, or you would have an internal feeling of constant frustration, and have to live with it. That will affect everything else.

But that may not be the case. To begin with, knowing yourself well, you could choose a job that makes you happy, or that stresses you less. Or, if the end-of-month accounts predominate over your needs, then you can choose to approach everything from a very different internal perspective. My job is to help you see what are the recurring behaviors that interfere with your serenity, help you recognize them before they arise, and correct them from within.

We cannot change others, but we can change ourselves.

The awareness that we will develop slowly, but steadily and lastingly, is made of something that will change you from the inside, and not only for the achievement of a single goal, but will become a lifestyle. You probably need know that sometimes there are things that cannot be changed, but only accepted. We cannot be in control of everything. So there are techniques for learning to accept what we cannot change, and be wise enough to understand the difference between them! That is the Serenity Prayer. Then, I will be on your side, fighting with you for what you want to transform, and the transformation I am referring to, it is within ourselves.

And in the Face Reading…

What is analyzed during a face reading session? By observing the pictures, the first step is to identify if the client is of the Yin or Yang type, if she is receptive or active, and a consideration is made of the directions of their energy: is it directed outwards or inwards? what is important for them? the vitality, the approach towards others, the approach of others towards them…and so on. Through the shape of their eyes, nose, mouth and ears, their position, we will be able to read other clues. For example: do the tips of your ears go beyond the eyebrow line? If so, this denotes great intelligence!

Do the lines next to the mouth go downward or upward? What are eye wrinkles like and where exactly are they? One more reason to love our face lines is precisely that our face represents the map of what we have experienced , and it is a beautiful treasure in itself!
Since a photograph is a static image, the next step is to have a real conversation with the human being behind the picture to see how the energy has developed inside during the time, how the client interpreted her gifts, or if she may need support to let it flow more easily.

The same thing happens with the reading of the astrological map, which in itself is a drawing, but since the human being is endowed with will and free will, you have to talk to the client to understand how they took advantage of their initial gifts and potential.

Once we become aware of some emotions or blocks that somehow make us stuck in our life, we learn to see where and how they are reflected, we can use some tricks or exercises to change some expressions, or some internal feeling. The expressions will be able to change gradually our thoughts and actions, and slowly our whole life can change too: always starting from ourselves, from within.

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