Understanding Emotions

woman sitting on wooden planks
Photo by Keenan Constance on Pexels.com

We have different ways to experience emotions inside of us, according to the depth of the emotion itself. We know that in the modern society we can face Anger (starting with the most frequent!) 😑, Sadness 😣, Disgust 😝, Contempt 😏, Joy πŸ˜„ and many other nuances and combinations in between. I realized that very often it is difficult to distinguish between some of them, providing us the wrong tools to solve the β€œproblem”, be it a relationship issue, a difficulty with your teenager, your boss, or even yourself.

There are different layers of thoughts, emotions and sensations that we can consider and examine and that can affect us.

Sensations. These light and non-formed emotions therefore refers to those particular sensations that we sometimes experience without knowing exactly the source of origin of that sensation, or what generated it. In a general sense, when we recognize we are having a particular sensation, we try to find our own harmony, attuning ourselves emotionally and intuitively to the surrounding world to deal with that stimulating or challenging sensation.
Maybe we are not completely aware of anything specific, but we are simply aware. It is experiencing emotions without anyone provoking them, so it is a receptive state of sensory experiences.

Then we have a little deeper feeling that it is the one that we usually translated literally with emotion, and represents a condition in which we are able to associate what we feel emotionally with a certain causal factor, which can be a person, an object or even a circumstance or a life event. This emotions can generate a judgment, a certain attitude, a subjective evaluation of the circumstances also determined by the influence that the place where we live and the cultural background of society has on us. That it is called Reference System.
These emotions are the most easily managed, despite their difficulty; they are that part of the intangibility of our inner world for which we can take responsibility to promote change. Some emotions, their intensity and size, are part of our choices. The purpose of emotions therefore becomes more evident in this case, and we understand that they act as a wake-up call for something that needs to be changed in our life, just as a flu fever tells us that there is something to regulate. physically inside our body to bring the body back into harmony.Β 

Then there is our own nature. In this specific case it refers to our intrinsic nature, it represents our emotional constitutional predisposition, our temperament, our personality. Some people have a constitutional tendency towards sadness, others towards anger or reflection. Talking about our own β€œnature” refers to the baggage with which we face our journey through life, those characteristics that the universe has endowed us with, like our own morphology to make the journey of our destiny. 

According to certain doctrines, religions or philosophies, each of us has certain lessons to learn in this life and our emotional temperament predisposes us to the emotions that serve our path.
As I said above, the characteristics with which we are born are not destined to remain unchanged forever, quite the contrary.
Becoming more aware of ourselves can cause our temperament (including our emotional one) to evolve, transform and produce extremely positive effects.
Very often it happens that even the body features change over the years acquiring traits that will accompany us in a new phase of life. Once we have learned certain lessons, an emotional attitude may no longer be necessary for the pursuit of the goals that life sets before us, and transformation takes place.
Not infrequently it may happen that over the years some wrinkles may disappear from the face of some people, once their awareness comes to fully embrace the layers of their existence.
Changing an expression that occurs on the face following a strong emotion, consciously reducing or softening it will help the internal Qi to harmonize, helping to relax muscles and heartbeats, moving everything harmoniously.
The fact of being born with a certain character predisposition does not mean barricading oneself behind this wall as an excuse not to change, thus encroaching on the pathological aspect of emotions.

Recognizing who we really are through an accurate inner seeking and observation helps us understand what we can become. The destiny of each of us is to find ourselves different, and possibly better, from how we were born.