My philosophy

Many enlightened eastern philosophies invite the individual to actively take care of their health and well-being, through constant exercise for which personal commitment is required. The objective of the practice is to transform every vital activity from automatic process to conscious process, in order to raise their level, and this is why we can say that personal initiative is required to make a change. This is going to be possible because consciousness is able to guide our internal essence to transform the functions and structure of the physical body. However, for this to be actually achievable it is of huge importance the personal initiative and a conscious use of the mind. This is why I believe that Life Coaching and Mindfulness/Qigong work very well together.

I am a Master of Medical Qigong (also known as Chinese Energetic Medicine). This three years career is based on the same studies to become Acupuncturist, with Theories and Philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The holistic knowledge of the human being with an Eastern point of view is integrated with a Western technique, and creates this powerful, unique style of coaching.

As a way to support my Life Coaching clients, I also offer them small exercises of qigong or guided meditation to do together or by themselves to facilitate this integration between body and mind. The inward seeking happens in many different ways, unearthing clarity of mind to achieve a more tasteful life.

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