Why looking for a Life Coach?

Because sometimes we simply don’t know where to start from! All of us, at some point in our life, we ​​have experienced that we needed a change, but we needed someone to help us put it into practice. Life coaching is a support that comes from a qualified person who, however, is neither a therapist nor a psychologist. The Life Coach is someone who stands on your side, puts herself in your shoes, listens to your thoughts and helps you find your way.

First of all, I can help you with…

To make your goals possible, I am using the tools that for years have accompanied me during the dark moments of life (everyone has had!) and made me grow, rediscovering the light and new horizons for myself and my family. Life coaching and Qigong / Meditation have a lot in common and both serve the purpose in a complementary and effective way, being the eastern and western aspect of the same subject: the human being.

Life coaching helps you to discover and plan the future you want, organize your life, plan a schedule, learn about priorities, and to transform your hidden desires into concrete and achievable results.
A life coaching path is aimed at achieving specific results, through an inner exploration, during which one’s self-awareness, motivation and self-esteem are increased. Life coaching and the oriental philosophical perspectives are a perfect combination to optimize our potential, to listen to who we are and create significant changes within us. Keeping in mind that Life Coaching is a look towards the future, a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.

These internal changes will then be clearly visible on the outside in the form of well-being, renewed harmony, clearer mind, making it easier to choose what is best for us, so that it can also last for a long time. Life Coaching give you the tool to use according to your own structure. And I will find out with you what is the best tool and method for you, because you are UNIQUE!

As a Life Coach, I will be on your side, and will take your problems to heart, will think and walk with you to help you develop a lasting result and sets you on the track that You want. I will lead you to find the best version of yourself in work, life, and relationships. The NLP Coach uses specific tools to boost your success, performance and productivity. The Qigong Coach helps you to raise your level of awareness by taking active responsibility working with body mind and energy. I combine these two methods to provide you with an extraordinary equipment to feel good.

There are structures established to carry out any of these Coaching sessions; with baby steps (there are no magic wands!) and good will we will make it! We will consider options and strategies together, the best method to use, we will set goals and you will get some homework as well.

Are you ready to start? Sure you are!
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