Energetic Astrology

Energetic astrology studies the distribution of the elements in the astral chart of the individual at the moment of birth, and the consequent flow of their energy. It is a branch of psychological astrology, which evaluates the position of the planets according to the client’s perspective, that is, how he or she experiences certain situations in a subjective way.

My vision of astrology does not make predictions, as it is always based on the concept that also unites the other disciplines I deal with, that we are the architects of our destiny according to the choices we make, and the degree and level of awareness we apply to our life. Reading the birth chart is a separate service or even one of the tools I use for Face Reading.

In the past centuries and millennia, astrology was considered a science, which then with the passage of time and with the progress of other scientific subjects has been labeled in less brilliant ways. Yet we know that it was also a tool used by great scientists of the past, as well as Jung for the interpretation of symbols and meanings.

In morphopsychology which is a university subject in France, the types are also studied according to the planetary influences that manifest themselves on our face and that characterize us in a very personal and unique way. Through the reading of the astral chart it is possible to identify the energy potential, inclinations and emotional blocks. Once we have identified the main issue that troubles us, we can proceed with coaching sessions, distance healing or simply take note and accept our life with more kindness and compassion towards ourselves.

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