About me

I am a Certified Life Coach, Energetic and Psychological Astrologer, Specialist of Non-verbal communication, Morphopsychology Expert and certified Master of Medical Qigong (ATCQA and OTTO) and a Certified International Teacher of Mingjue Meditation.

My mission is to walk my clients and students discovering their true essence awakening their selfawareness and reaching their goals through Life Coaching, Non-verbal communication and Qigong. Emotional Intelligence and harmony increased on the way.

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My name is Alessia but all my friends call me Ale.

I am a mix of names, nationalities, languages, I am a woman who was born in one of the most beautiful cities of the world, and always felt she wanted to explore the world and help others. I live by ideals and I have lived the last 15 years traveling and learning a lot.
I studied Chinese Medicine, have a Master in Behavioral Analysis, I am a Life Coach, Face Reader, International Certified Qigong Master, and Energetic Astrologer. All these disciplines have one thing in common: the passion for the human being and the research for a meaningful life, helping them developing their true energetic potential.

Through these years I have learned that only through compassion we can really understand and overcome the difficulties of adaptation living in different cultures, learning different languages, facing completely different philosophies from one’s own and live serenely. Qigong helped me awaken my awareness and built my will power.

I call this Freedom. To truly help others we must first discover that we are not perfect first, that we suffer, we make mistakes, that we often have to start over and over again, and still , we understand that this is perfectly OK. Be kind to yourself and to others, I believe that in the end there is always a solution, especially if we are looking for it together. When you share your inner burden with someone else, it weighs less.

I speak Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese, but basically I use a much deeper method of communication which is openness and joy (plus, the non-verbal communication that is international). I believe that kindness and respect are the true way to build bridges among people.

I have been teaching qigong for many years in the United States, guiding online mediation worldwide, have worked as a qigong therapist, Energetic and Psychological Astrologer (studied at Oxford faculty of Astrology) reading charts and coaching many clients, and I have worked as a Chinese Energetic Master. In America I studied to become a Life Coach and I perfected myself in Italy by studying the techniques of non-verbal communication at international and professional levels. Now I embrace all my treasures and I am here to share them with you.

I work with online sessions.

What I do