Your inner compass

If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.


Life Coaching

Engaging in Inward seeking, I can help you with thoughts and feelings, motivation and decisions, your attitudes, beliefs and mindset as well as your perception of the past and future.
My Life Coaching works on a long lasting internal transformation, teaching how to develop Wisdom and Compassion through the Five Element Theory.
Wisdom and Compassion are two essential qualities that a person may want to awaken to be better equipped to reduce stress and promote wellbeing, for self and others. Wisdom represents the rational and analytical aspects of the mind, while Compassion represents its loving, empathic and emotional aspects. Love yourself: we cannot change others, but we can change ourselves!

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It is proved that today Emotional Intelligence is much more appreciated than high intelligence skills. Developing a warm empathetic personality will bring to your life so much satisfaction and opens so many doors.
With our Meditation, Daoist Qigong and Zhineng Qigong classes we work on inward seeking, restoring peace and clear mind, and discovering harmony between mind, body and spirit. I have been working for many years coaching my clients of Qigong using the management of the emotions based on Eastern philosophy, especially Qigong and TCM. Empathy, mindfulness, and the will to be a team will do all the rest. Meanwhile, understanding your own emotions is the first step to start a long lasting transformation.

My classes are online and LIVE (not recorded), in private or group.
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Face Reading

This scientific method is based on the work of behavioral analysis discovered by Dr Paul Ekman and his Body Coding System and on Face Action Coding System: BCS and FACS.
This system blends perfectly with the instantaneous observation (sort of diagnosis) that a TCM practitioner does of the person as a whole, to determine in what extend certain emotions affects your life and your overall wellbeing.
Reading your face and your hidden expressions helps my coaching to reach higher results and deeper understanding, simply creating a deeper rapport with my clients with effective observation, but it is also a great way to highlight your potential and strengths. This is why my sessions are in person or – better – via Zoom. Why better? Sounds crazy but the screen gives us a better view of all the micro-expressions, than in person.

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